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A truly holistic approach to equine tuition, training and therapy with Mary Yiannoullou


Horse & Rider Biomechanics

Mary’s mounted and unmounted workshops assist riders in gaining a better understanding of their impact on their horse’s performance. Designed to enthuse and engage the rider to learn more. Read more >

Classical Riding Instructor

Without the need for gadgets, Mary trains and builds on the horse’s natural responses and behaviours. Working with both horse and rider to improve communication and performance. Read more >

Equine Massage Therapist

Offered to both horse and rider, the various human and equine massage, manipulation and stretching techniques used by Mary help to relax, relieve symptoms of pain and enhance circulation. Read more >


Useful Riding Tips: Are you Sitting Straight?

As riders, we are obsessed with the straightness of our horses....and should be!  So much so that the phrase ‘straightness training’ is now very much in vogue and has given rise to many excellent articles, research papers, videos, and blogs - all listing the many...

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How to improve your core stability for riding

I work with horse riders to help them gain a better understanding of how their own body stability and core strength can have a significant impact on their horse's way of going. Good core strength is fundamental to effective riding in terms of application of the aids...

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